My casual commentary on my life:

I commonly start out by introducing myself as an actor who does real estate as a hobby.  I've been acting since I was 12 years old, and have only technically been in real estate for 10 years, so that statement is created from the fact that acting is a part of me, but I really really love doing real estate. 

I am a trained writer.  I say it that way because I have trained to write screenplays, novels, etc.  But I Rarely get the time to write...until recently..I've almost completed my first screenplay!!  I'll be updating and sharing in the Writing Corner!

I am a mother of three children ages twenty-two, seventeen, and nine: two boys and a girl. They are my most precious creation...

I have been blessed to have my best friend as father of my youngest supporting me in everything I do and he has given me a beautiful 18 year old bonus daughter.  I love both cats and dogs and have a bunch :o) I thought of some other really cool stuff to say, but forgot what they were...but I'm really good at learning lines, honest!  Oh, and wine, I love wine :o)  My super professional bio is below! ↓

My Super Professional Bio

Stacie Stocker is a professional actress who was born and raised in Seneca, Pennsylvania to mom Betty Eakin, homemaker, and father Donald “Duck” Smith, an electrician.  Running currently in cities across the country, she can be seen as “Becky”, Jack Durant’s assistant played by Tom Sizemore in Running Wild Film’s biographical drama “Durant’s Never Closes” about the owner of the most famous restaurant in Phoenix, Durant’s.

She began acting at the age of 12, when she was pulled out of her 7th grade study hall for a senior student project.  But the bug didn’t catch until her brother’s best friend coerced her into auditioning for the school musical her junior year.  She then went on to voluntarily win a major role in her senior year musical and then went on to train in acting and work in theater until she moved to Phoenix, AZ via Raleigh, NC to marry a Marine Mike and start a family.

 Since moving to the Phoenix area she has accumulated a vast resume including theater credits like Lady Macbeth from Shakespeare’s Macbeth, a three character role in Bill Cain’s “9 Circles”, and her favorite, Corday from Marat/Sade.  She has played among many things, a French agent, head of a team of bank robbers, and a soiled dove in films  The French Spy, The Men Who Robbed a Bank, and the western Copper Wind.  She can be seen as a mom in both a music video for American Gladiator’s “The Wolf” Hollywood Yates’ song “Like Father, Like Son, Like Hell” and the award winning popular horror cult short “Night of the Sea Monkey” with Lynn Lowry of George Romero’s “The Crazies”.  And in addition to currently running “Durant’s Never Closes” she’ll soon be seen playing a doctor in Meisner coach and friend, Kevin Phipps’ surreal drama “Grief”.

Stacie’s favorite roles however have been those she’s been able to play in with her kids, Michael and Bailey, and youngest Dakota, son to her current partner in crime, David.  When not filming or conducting commercial real estate business on the side, she can be seen at their various events for basketball, horseback riding and diving to name a few.